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Professional mobile and eCommerce services

At Order By Proxy we are committed to bring the edge of the technology in Mobile and eCommerce to you and your business.

We provide a wide variety of services including building customized mobile and eCommerece solutions for small and medium size companies. Our services are mostly focused on providing a unified platform to mobilize your existing software and offerings with a minimum required investment and maximum return on your investment.

We achieve this by making sure we understand our client's business model before we offer any solutions. Using our approach has several key benefits including the following

  • Minimized Time To Market
  • Maximized Return on Investment
  • Uniform Mobile platform
  • Scalable and Expandable architecture built on Google's Application Engine

Our focus is to get you on your audiance's mobile devices as fast and as efficient as possible and we deliver this by taking advantage of over 50 years of combine business and IT expertise in our team.

Our services include design, development and consulting in following areas:

  • iOS Native application
  • Android Native application
  • jQuery Mobile and HTML5 application
  • Google Application Engine platform
  • eCommerce, Mobile and Web Site
  • Location Based Application
  • Objective C, Java and HTML

Please contact us for further information on each item.


We are proud of what we build

Food Ordering Platform

FOP is result of over 14 years of experience we have in call centers, fast food and restaurant software industry. This is a comprehensive set of applications that provide a fully contained system to manage all aspects of food ordering industry.

Some of the features of this platform are as follow:

  • Support for In Store, Delivery and Pickup
  • Support for dine with unlimited set of seating areas
  • Online Ordering
  • Mobile Ordering (iOS, Android and HTML5)
  • Kitchen display and support
  • Delivery/Driver management
  • Inventory control
  • Easy Management
  • Extensive Security and Monitoring to prevent unauthorized transactions
  • Support for all type of Thermal Receipt Printers
  • And more ...

Please contact us for further information.

iOS Application

We have developed several native iOS application that are available to download from itunes.

  • iShelem - Amir Peivandi
  • Farsi Feed - Amir Peivandi
  • Shekar - Amir Peivandi
  • Ghesehgu - Amir Peivandi
  • Akhabar - Amir Peivandi
  • Jadval - Amir Peivandi
  • FarsiKeys - Amir Peivandi
  • Free Topping Pizza - Amir Peivandi
  • A4U Taxi - Amir Peivandi
  • Bulk SMS - Amir Peivandi
  • Woozy - Amir Peivandi
  • Kalameh - Amir Peivandi


We don't deliver a system, we build a solution

We Study Your Business

We spend time to know you and your business.

We study your business, we make sure we understand it before we talk about any solutions.

We Analyze and Design

We use edge of IT Technology to build efficient, extendable and scure platform to your business.

We build a platform, not a system, dare to know the difference!

We Deliver a Solution

We deliver 100% of the time, 100% on time and budget. We believe there is always a better way if we look harder.

It's a hard promise to keep but we will work hard to make it happen.

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